Self Portrait – 3d scanning and Game Design

My idea was to create a 3D self-portrait, placed in my own Wonderland. I wanted to allow the user to walk around my world, so that he could explore more ‘me’ in great details.

First step was 3d scanning using Kinect.

scan2 screen-shot-2016-02-14-at-4-13-27-pm screen-shot-2016-02-14-at-4-16-46-pm


After having a 3d model of myself, I started building a Unity scene:

4screens-1 screen-shot-2016-02-27-at-12-07-11-pm-1024x551 screen-shot-2016-02-27-at-12-07-21-pm-1024x542



The result can be seen in the video:

My Self Portrait – Alice in Wonderland from marcela on Vimeo.


Here’s the link to an ONLINE GAME