Dressage saddle CarboTech

date: 2014-1015

my role: designer

award: Red Dot Design Award

CarboTech is an innovative, single-flap saddle meticulously designed for riders seeking unparalleled connection with their horses.

At the core of CarboTech’s design lies its integrated anatomical blocks, strategically positioned on the knee rolls. These blocks not only offer unmatched support but also assist riders in maintaining the perfect position, allowing for maximum contact with the horse during every ride.

Tailored to suit the needs of sports horses, CarboTech embraces the astounding properties of carbon fiber. Renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, this cutting-edge material makes the saddle lighter, flexible, and incredibly durable, ensuring optimal performance throughout its lifespan.

Aesthetics meet functionality as the front of the saddle proudly displays a reinforced carbon fiber overlay. This innovative construction further elevates the saddle’s resilience, instilling confidence in both rider and horse, even during the most demanding equestrian pursuits.

CarboTech’s ingenious saddle tree design boasts a three-layer structure, revolutionizing rider and horse comfort. The topmost layer caters to the rider, providing unparalleled comfort and a tailored fit. The middle layer, composed of an elastic material, cushions the horse’s movements, safeguarding the rider’s spine throughout the ride. The final layer, specifically profiled for the horse’s comfort, ensures a harmonious connection between rider and mount.

CarboTech’s groundbreaking design and unwavering commitment to equestrian excellence were recognized with the prestigious Reddot Award in 2015.