Harmonious Resonance



my position: 

art directing, execution


“Harmonious Resonance” is a art piece that captures the iconic Rolling Stones logo using 200 guitar picks as its medium. The creative journey began by arranging and temporarily gluing the guitar picks into a precise grid on a sturdy cardboard surface, then painting the Rolling Stones logo on top of the picks all together.

To elevate the piece further I crafted a wooden frame, which became a mold for a resin pour.

Next, I carefully unglued the picks from the cardboard and transferred them onto the solidified resin pour. Maintaining the original distances between each pick was crucial to preserving the integrity of the Rolling Stones logo which was then covered with another layer of resin. This step served not only to encapsulate and protect the picks but also to provide a three-dimensional effect, as the picks appeared to be gently suspended within the resin.

As the resin hardened, I polished the back of the piece hoping to achieve a perfectly smooth and clear surface. However, after realizing the challenge of achieving perfection with the available tools, I decided to change my tactic and pour a thin layer of resin to attain the desired smoothness.

During this phase, an unexpected evening rain shower bestowed a unique raindrop pattern onto the half-solidified resin. This unforeseen touch added an organic and artistic element to the piece.

The final touch was the addition of a LED strip placed around the artwork’s perimeter.

The artwork is now displayed as a centerpiece of a creative space located in Venice Beach, CA.