Self Portrait – 3d scanning and Game Design

my position:
animator, narrator, director
ITP Spring Show 2016

“Self Portrait” is a video game project, where I open up my inner world for users to explore and connect with the essence of who I am.

Set in a virtual landscape, the game invites users to wander through a meticulously crafted world that personifies “me” in intricate detail. Through thoughtful storytelling and artistic design, players can immerse themselves in my unique perspective, gaining insights into the layers that make up my identity.

To elevate the experience, “Self Portrait” boasts custom-made textures and 3D scans, ensuring that every visual element is a true reflection of my innermost self.

Developed and brought to life in Unity 3D, project invites users to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. This project brought together art, design, and interactive technology, making it an immensely rewarding and enjoyable experience to work on.