Coral Reef Game


December 2016

created for:

ITP Winter Show 2016


Coral Reef is a game developed using Unity 3D, offering players an immersive experience in a vibrant underwater world. The game showcases a beautifully crafted coral reef environment teeming with life, featuring various marine creatures like fish, turtles, crabs, and sharks.

Incorporating my programming skills, I introduced dynamic schools of fish using flocking systems to add a touch of realism to the virtual ocean. As the project progressed, I decided to transform it into a simple collecting game.

The objective of the game is straightforward: players must collect all the white orbs scattered throughout the coral reef as quickly as possible. However, players must be cautious of the red orbs, as they add extra seconds to their total time. This adds a strategic element to the gameplay, encouraging players to optimize their collecting strategy.